Welcome to the home of Amares Wines. We implore you to love the good life. On these pages you will find info on the wines we create, the vines they originate from, the people involved, a blog of the vineyard, our contact details and an on-line winestore.

Amares, the winery, is situated on the the farm Hymettus. Surrounded on all sides by Rustenberg Wines, the farm was a 1920's ceding of five hectares to a mr Hugh Cooper who was an expert honey maker and named the farm after the mountain range near Athens where the honey produced is of legendary quality.

Hymettus farm overlooks the Simonsberg mountain - during sunset the mountain turns a beautiful scarlet colour reminding us of the reasons we love this good life; good food in the company of fine friends sipping from the red red nectar of the gods. We would like to believe that this sleeping giant is still keeping an eye on the activities of his beloved denizens of the town of Stellenbosch.